2022 Miata Cruise

Details are still being finalized. Check back here for event updates.

Tour Schedule and Route:

  • Day 1, June 12:
    • Leroy Engineering car show @ Leroy Engineering
    • Cannonball down to Dayton (this will be the only boring freeway stint)
    • Dinner in Columbus, OH.
    • First hotel stop in Dayton, OH
  • Day 2, June 13:
    • Air Force Museum
    • Car meet and dinner at EP 'Tom" Sawyer state Park, KY. We'll be grabbing local fast food, and eating/meeting in the park's main parking lot.
    • Hotel stop in Bowling Green, KY
  • Day 3, June 14:
    • Corvette Museum
    • Car meet and dinner in Nashville, TN
    • Hotel stop in Chattanooga, TN
  • Day 4, June 15:
  • Day 5, June 16:
    • TBD activity
    • Dragon Slayer Hwy 160 cruise
    • Dinner and hotel at Benham Schoolhouse Inn (www.benhaminn.com)
  • Day 6, June 17: 
    • Sherpherd Trail rally Stage drive
    • Portal 31 Mine Guided Tour
    • Cruise to Ashland KY
    • Boyd County Carshow 
  • Day 7, June 18:
    • Fun Runs Autocross event
    • Scenic Kentucky backroads up to Columbus
    • OMO Miata meet and dinner at (TBD)
    • Leave meet and drive back to Chardon 


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  • Count me in! Will probably join in Louisville, KY.

    Frank Humphrey
  • Tour is on our calendar already, looking forward to hotel details. Expecting others from The Miata Owners of West Michigan to participate.

    Jeff VonHolten
  • Day 5 tbd could be a stop at Judy Gale Roberts studio in pigeon forge for a look at her very beautiful wood intarsia. Google Judy’s website for an idea if it would be of interest.

    Paul M Hirschfelt
  • Day 6 & 7 consider running the Back of the Dragon on your way back to Ohio.

    Jay Evans
  • Very Interested. Sounds like fun. Please keep me in the loop.

    Larry Green

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