About Leroy Engineering

Leroy Engineering is a family business of gearheads and engineers that create functional, beautiful, and robust track day solutions. Our blend of high-tech engineering and good-old American craftsmanship results in products that are dependable, easy to service, and cutting edge all at the same time.

Our flagship product, the Grid tire trailer, is a prime example. To start with, the core design is focused on the need to haul race tires and tools behind a light and nimble sports car. So it needs to be light, agile, and dependable—and look good!

Since it was designed from the ground up to haul tires, the tire mounting and locking system is fast, easy, and reliable. Purpose-built cradles hold the tires securely, and the e-track ratchet straps lock everything down in seconds.

The mindset of creating high-quality products to improve the track day experience spills over into everything we make. Just because something hasn’t been done, doesn’t mean it can’t be—it just means that no one has figured out how to do it. Challenge accepted!