Restoration & Restomod

We are passionate about Miatas, and we love the adventure of taking a tired-out and well-loved machine and giving it a new lease on life! Whether you want a showroom-fresh OEM restoration, a custom one-off restomod, or you have a car that just needs some touching up, we’ve got you covered!

All our restorations are done in-house, from rust repair and paint to engine rebuilds and interior work. We take great pride in carefully and lovingly restoring every car that rolls through here. Each car is more than a car: it’s a story.

What does a frame-up restoration include?
The Miata shell is stripped, and any rust cut out and repaired.The engine is torn down to the block and completely re-machined and rebuilt using Mazda OEM parts. The unibody is repainted inside and out, just like when it was originally built. We attempt to retain as much originality in the car as possible. All interior plastics, seats, frame pieces, and trim are cleaned up and reused if possible. If pieces are too far gone to save, they are replaced with new OEM parts. Brakes, suspension bushings, ball joints, and engine mounts are replaced. Shocks, wheels, exhaust, radio, and soft-top are all replaced either with the correct OE parts or aftermarket, depending on what look you are going for! The new engine is broken in, and the car tested and tweaked until it's exactly what you are looking for.

What does it cost?
Complete restorations range from $20K-$50K depending on the condition of the donor vehicle and the desired end result.

What options do I have?
The choices you have when restoring or restomodding an NA/NB Miata are endless. For the same price as a new car, you can have a brand-new restored car perfectly built to your taste. We can help you in selecting the perfect combo to fit your nostalgia and driving experience, for canyon carving or open road cruising! Do you want a 100-point car show winner? How about a perfect road-trip car? How about an old car that out-performs the modern equivalent? How about that brand-new car you always wanted as a kid but isn't manufactured anymore? Let's get building!

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