About Leroy Engineering

Leroy Engineering is a family business of gearheads and engineers. We are passionate about driving—both on and off the track. We fell in love with the Mazda MX-5 Miata in 2012 and began racing, cruising, modifying, and improving on this amazing platform. The Miata stands on the shoulders of the British and Italian historical greats such as the MG MGB, the Lotus Elan, and a host of Maserati sports cars.

Since 2012, we have become deeply involved with SCCA SOLO, Champcar Endurance Racing, Miata restoration, and product development to improve the most enjoyable vehicle ever created!

We are a one-stop shop with everything under one roof (okay, technically 3 roofs). Paint and body, engine building and power adders, suspension, alignments, interior, soft top installs, racecar prep, roll cages, sound system builds—anything that can be done to a Miata, we can do!

But most of all, we enjoy getting to know the people behind the cars. The Miata community is one of the best car cultures out there, and it’s a genuine pleasure getting to work with you to build the best driving machines ever! Get in touch with us today—let’s build something amazing!