Visit our Shop!

Visit our Shop!

We love having visitors! We have set up our entire shop to create a fun and exciting destination point for motorsport enthusiasts.  From the fully functional vintage soda machine, to the numerous project cars being built- there's something for everyone!

Our showroom and parts center have lots of examples of builds, engines and part to get the blood pumping and the ideas flowing! touch, feel, sit in and test drive (during the summer at least) cars and platforms to see what suites you best. 



Tour our engine and performance shops. Check out all the cool projects underway and get your technical questions answered by our crack team of Miata experts! 



Unsure how to get into racing? we've got all the info and details to get you hooked! We'll explain the entire process and items needed to get into autocross, time trials, endurance racing or track days.


Tour our fabrication shop and learn about all the different manufacturing methods and equipment we use. Including waterjet, CNC plasma, powder coating, welding, laser engraving, painting and machining. 

 And new for 2024- Nissan Offroad trucks! See some of the craziest overlanding builds and talk with our off-road experts to see what you need to do to turn your rig into a wilderness monster!


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