Leroy Miata Cup 2023

Want a fun and competitive way to race your NA/NB Miata? Want to be competitive without having to gut the car or compete with vehicles 20 years newer? Want to be able to fight over tenths of a second with the same guys week after week? Yeah, we want the same things too! So we have created the Leroy Miata Cup!

We love running with the SCCA Solo, however, there are a lot of cars that are no longer competitive, but we still enjoy racing them! We also enjoy racing when there are lots of cars in the same class, which doesn't happen often at local-level events. The purpose of this race series is to create an opportunity to build and race the cars we love in a fun and competitive environment. 

The spirit of the class is this: to be able to upgrade the handling, suspension, grip, and feel of the car, without loosing any of the comfort and drivability. The car should be a daily on weekdays, and a racer on the weekend! We have also implemented a couple of restrictions to allow NA and NB cars to compete together in the same class. 

We will be running at several different autocross events throughout the NE Ohio and NW Pennsylvania region. When running at local events, cars will be classed by whatever rules the hosting organization chooses. For our purposes, classing doesn't matter; we are only interested in the raw times. 

We will have a leaderboard on our website, and after each race raw times will be uploaded and displayed. Points will be awarded based on finishing order of everyone registered in the championship. 



We are going to have an entry cap of 35 entries for the 2023 season. If registration is filled, we will have a waiting list in case anyone drops out and spaces open up.